JK002USB Recorder FM MP3 module

Product describe

JK002USB Recorder FM MP3 module
1,LCD display, support multilateral languages,enter subdirectory, scan folders, display lyrics.
2, Play music, support U disk, support MP3/WMA/WAV
3, Recording function supports the highest bit rate for 192 Kbps. 
4,FM radio, for FM radio set the time, recorder radio,automatic radio search, delete and storage radio stataion.
There are 2 frequency bands to choose,
Common frequency band: 87.0-108.0
Japanese frequency band: 76.0-90.0
5,Line in record,the external audio source can be recorded into the  U disk.
6, USB sound card, By USB connecting with a computer, it can be transmitted the sound to this device. 
7, Additional functions: calendar, clock, alarm clock, can by USB cable connect to computer to download SD card (When download, shut off the power and plug in USB cable )
8,IR remote control, number selection.
Dimension:54*45 mm

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