JK-AMP01B DC12V Bluetooth 5.0 class D amplifier board 10W*2CH

Product describe

 JK-AMP01B DC12V Bluetooth 5.0 class D amplifier board 10W*2CH


1, Main function:

Product Name

Bluetooth 5.0 Digital audio power amplifier board

 Product Model

JK-AMP01B / BT-08G

Magnification type

Class D

Work efficiency


Chip selection


Supply voltage

DC 12V

input current

Max 3A

output power

10Wx2ch VDDP=12V RL=8Ω



Number of channels

Dual channels 

Channels Stereo



2, channel Stereo Analog MUX;

One channel MIC amplifier input;

High performance Stereo audio ADC with 90dB SNR;

High performance Stereo audio DAC with 95dB SNR,with headphone amplifier output;

Optional: Bluetooth microphone for calling by cellphone.

Bluetooth receiver distance: 10 meters.

LED light: when power on, the light will on,

When connect Bluetooth, it will flash.

3, Application: Use for speaker, audio products.


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