JK007 Wireless microphone

Product describe

JK007 Wireless microphone module (1 by 2)
VHF Wireless receive board+antenna+ 2 pcs MIC
Product features:
•Low-cost wireless microphone solution
•Includes receiver PCB and one microphone
•Selectable frequency:220MHz-270MHz.
•50 meters service range
Use VHF frequencies 220MHz -270MHz, avoid frequency interference.
Specifically set handheld microphone switch noise to  eliminate circuit.
Setting preventing feedback screaming function, so that effectively reduce by screaming back
Technical parameters:
Channel:Single channel
Frequency response: 60Hz-13kHz
SNR: >70dB
THD:≤0.5% (at 1kHz)
Receiving Range:50 meters
Receiving module power supply: external DC12V
Launcher power supply: 9V battery (1 PCS)
Receiver board size:146*40mm

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