JK006E Wireless microphone module with ECHO

Product describe


 JK006E Wireless microphone module with ECHO


1, Product features:

•Low-cost wireless microphone solution

•Includes receiver PCB and one microphone

•Selectable frequency:220MHz-270MHz.

•50 meters service range

Use VHF frequencies 220MHz -270MHz, avoid frequency interference.

Specifically set handheld microphone switch noise to eliminate circuit.

Setting preventing feedback screaming function, so that effectively reduce by screaming back.

JK006E main advantage is the addition of ECHO function. It has very low noise (NO < − 90dBV)

and a low distortion factor (THD< 0.5%), so it can output high quality audio signal.


2, Technical parameters:

Frequency: 220MHz-270MHz

Channel: Single channel

Frequency response: 60Hz-13kHz

Stability: ±0.005%

SNR: >70dB

THD: ≤0.5% (at 1kHz)


Receiving Range: 30~50 meters (with antenna)

Antenna: Telescoping

Receiver module power supply: external DC 12 V turns 8V

microphone power supply: 9 V battery (1 PCS)

Receiver board size: 80*45mm

Buttons of receiver board: VOL, ECHO,

One red LED light for RF.

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